Word Meanings

(Some crop up in Newport Manor Deeds)

Seneschal 1. A steward of the household of a medieval prince
or nobleman who took charge of the domestic
arrangements etc.
2. (British) a cathedral official (C14 medieval Latin
siniscalcus Old High German senescalh oldest servant.
(Collins English Dictionary)
Ströd …as found at Meretown in the field names Elms strude. 
The meaning is “marshy land with brushwood
(Place Names in the Landscape by Margaret Gelling)
(plural Oræ)
(Old Norse øre – an ounce) one eighth of a MARK: a unit
of account usually reckoned to be 20d but sometimes
16d. (Domesday Book – A Complete Translation –
Penguin Books
PixaA box for keeping the Eucharist. Found in Notes re
Lichfield Diocese by C.W.S. Dixon
. (Pyx:– Collins
English Dictionary
PiscatorThe surname of a person in charge of fishing in 13th
century Newport. [piscatorial – of or relating to fish,
fishing or fishermen. (Collins English Dictionary).]
ScansileFrom Latin – scando (scandere) – to climb or mount and
silex – hard stone, granite, flint, fire-stone or limestone.
(A Latin Dictionary – Charlton T. Lewis Ph.D. Oxford
University Press)

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