Snailbeach Lead Mine Visit

On Saturday July 21st a group of members were guided round the lead mine at Snailbeach, Minsterly by Mike Moore and some volunteers from the site. The visit was extremely interesting and informative. Mike guided the whole group around the main workings of the site and explained the history, workings and tools.

The intrepid group shown in the photograph, below, opted to go into the Robert level of the mine to really get some idea of what the miners had to endure underground. Even though much of the visit was spent hunched up with hard hats and modern torches our guide did take us to one large, open section where we switched off our lights to leave only candle-light in order to experience just a little of their working conditions.

The number of times we all experienced overhead bumps from rocky protuberances was too many to count in the relatively short time we were there

Although the experience was interesting I don’t think any of us would wish it to be repeated.

John Ravenscroft, Bryan Lloyd, Sue Tarr and Margaret Robson after their visit to the Roberts level at Snailbeach Lead Mine.

Bryan Lloyd

Photo by John Ravenscroft

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