namedate of Inventory
Sabin, WilliamDate of Will 1709
Samson, Elizabeth1726
Samson, Lewis page 1
page 2
Samson, Lewis1670
Samson, Postumus1710
Scott, Ann1720
Scott, Elizabeth page 1
page 2
Scott, Gerard1720
Scott, Thomas1693
Scott, Thomas1693-4
Scripture, John1668
Scripture, John1705
Seddon, Peter1686
Sharman, MargeryDate of Will 1685
Shelton, John1728
Sherman, ArthurDate of Will 1712
Sherman, Mary page 1
page 2
Sillitoe, Aaron1721
Sillitoe, JohnDate of Will 1745
Sillitoe, William1744
Slaney, Margaret1707
Smart, Ann1699-1700
Smart, Joseph1699
Smart, Mary1694
Smart, RichardDate of Will 1680
Smith, Thomas1708
Smith, William1720
Smith, William page 1
page 2
Stanier, Thomas1703-4
Staunton, Edward1708
Staunton, ThomasDate of Will 1699
Storey, WalterDate of Will 1695
Stringer, Samuel page 1
page 2

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