Newport Cottage – Upper Bar

In 2014, the cottage 27, Upper Bar was sold and demolished. Over the next year new buildings were put in its place and occupied by students from Harper Adams University. Here are a few pictures taken during that period. Right click any picture and choose ‘Open image in new tab’ to see a larger version of the picture.

21 April 2014: The West side of Upper Bar with the cottage, No. 27, at the right.
Another view of number 27 taken at the same time as the above.
Demolition commenced also in April 2014
Demolition complete, 30 April 2014
Building work begins in late April 2014
After some delay, building reaches the third story by February 2015
Later in February 2015 the roof trusses on the two story section are being positioned.
And a few days later the roof trusses for the third story section are in place.
20th March 2015 and the gables at the rear of the building can be seen.
15 March 2015 and the roof is almost complete
4th April and the windows are glazed, the roof finished and scaffolding removed.
Late April 2015 the hoardings are removed, blinds at the windows and bins at the ready.
A semi-detached house has been built at the rear of the main building and through the ‘tunnel’.
The new building in its setting, looking North towards the High street. Compare with the same scene in the late 19th Century, below.
Note the three cottages that were on the site now occupied by the new building.

Note: All photos are copyright of Newport History Society and, apart from the last one, John Ravenscroft ©2020. They may only be used by obtaining their permission.

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