Instructions for Transcribers

Thank you for volunteering to transcribe the images of probate inventories. 

The images

I have put the images on my website for you to read or download.  The web address to start with is:

This includes all the inventories previously transcribed and now digitised.  Below that is the set of the pre 1650 inventories from which to work.  We will begin with that year and work our way back to 1535.  I will send you a name and date from an inventory and also the number of pages it has.  The pages are labelled a, b, c etc.  When transcribing, keep them all in one Word document.  There is no need to indicate where there is a change to a new page unless there seems to be a good reason to do so.

Where there are multiple images for an individual, check carefully as sometimes there are continuing pages but sometimes they are repetitions where the photographer has realised the original is difficult to see and so taken a second or third picture at different exposures.

The whole page is usually shown and the edges of the sheet will be visible.  If, however, there is a large blank space I have sometimes cut this off.  There will be no text missing.

When a piece is in very bad condition or the writing is impossible to see in places, just make best efforts and indicate unreadable sections with five x’s (xxxxx) regardless of how much is difficult.

Your transcription

Please use the font ‘Calibri’ which is Word’s default font, but you will need to check, and 12 point for the size.

The inventories are usually in a tabulated format, use a table with columns to separate out the description from the value.  It should be possible to make separate columns for £ s d if that is clear from the document.

After completing a transcription

When a job is complete, or as complete as you can make it, make sure you have saved it and then email it to me.  To keep everything consistent, please give the transcription a heading at the top of the page in the form:
year, surname forename, occupation

eg. 1666, Fowler John, Ironmonger

and the filename would be “1666, Fowler John, Ironmonger.docx”.

Not all have the occupation and many of the women simply have ‘widow’. 

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