Glossary of Terms for Inventory Transcribers

In Barrie Trinder and Jeff Cox’s book, “Yeomen and Colliers”, a large number of transcriptions of inventories for Telford ancient parishes have been included. There are also two glossary of terms, one of a general nature and the other specific to terms found in inventories of mercers. These might provide useful to transcribers especially when working on unusual or unfamiliar words.

Also included is a link to Michael Russel’s Glossary on RootsWeb, an ‘Index of Terms used in 17th & 18th Century Wills, Inventories and other Documents’ for Dorchester and Fordington in Dorset as well as two others.

General Glossary

Glossary of Specialised Terms used in Mercers’ Inventories

Dorchester & Fordington Glossary

Bosbury and Ledbury in Herefordshire list of terms

17th Century Sutton Coldfield Glossary

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