Examining 77 High Street

The facade of No. 77 High Street, now Zach’s Plaice, before demolition in 1879.

We suggest that it was ‘said to be built’ about 1668. Here is 77 High Street just before it was demolished.

Here is a copy of the information written on the back of the photograph to which Mr Cobb refers and transcribed below.

“Photograph of
Mr. G. Plants house, demolished by Mr. J. F. Cobb in 1879. Negative by Howle, Newport Salop. Now the property of Mr. W. W. Cobb of Atherstone and Chetwynd End.
For full description see Historical Records of Newport, Salop by Edward Jones, in Trans. Shropsh. Archaeol. Soc, page 121. The four oak arches were purchased from Mr. G. Plant, by Mr. W. W. Cobb in 1902.
Photo printed by W. W. C. from Howle’s negative and given to Mr. T. W. Picken, Chemist, Newport, in Feb 1902,

signed W. W. Cobb”

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