Chairman’s Report

Saint Nicholas Church Newport was full on 16th August for the service of Thanksgiving for the life of Malcolm Miles – a life of service to our town and district and to its history. Rev. Edward Ward quoted the words of ‘1066 and All That’ – very much a GOOD THING. Our condolences go to Sue and all Malcolm’s family.

Our work has continued through the summer and I am most grateful. A highlight, of course, was the Victorian Garden Party held by Linda. Blessed by the beautiful weather this featured a great variety of entertainment, a tarot reading session and the personal appearance of Queen Victoria. Kath was brilliant in this role – did she laugh once? A “frabjous day” was enjoyed by all and made a great help towards Victoria County History.

Our Summer outing was to the old lead mines at Snailbeach. The area near the Stiperstones has yielded lead since Roman times with its modern peak in the late 20th Century under the Tankerville family.

The Shropshire Caving and Mining Club does a lot of work on the site and our member Mike Moore made a splendid guide.

Sadly, I must close this piece by marking Bryan’s retirement as our editor. He has really earned a rest and I will never be able to thank him enough for all his work.

Martin Elkes

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