A Rather Busy Summer

June 5th
The weather was fine for the visit to the Talbot Chapel at Longford on 5th June. The walk was very well attended. Linda Fletcher led the way to Longford with short stops on the way to point out items of interest. On arrival at the church,now converted to a private property, the party was split into two groups, so that there should not be too many in the Talbot Chapel at one time. Whilst one group was in the chapel the other was extremely well supplied with a variety of snacks and drinks by the owners.
The whole visit was very much appreciated by all.

Tuesday June 19th
Bryan Lloyd took a small group on a 4 mile walk to show them the Anglo-Saxon boundary of Eastun (now Church Aston).

Sunday June 24th

Queen Victoria and Town Crier

Linda Fletcher hosted a very successful Victoria Garden Part at The Ferns. It was extremely well attended and several people had the honour of being presented to Queen Victoria on this auspicious occasion.

Linda had organised a varied programme of entertainments which ran throughout the afternoon. The weather was amazingly good and Linda’s maids and other helpers were extremely attentive. A very good afternoon was had by all. The money raised will go towards the funding of the forthcoming Victoria County History update of Newport and the Weald Moors area.

Tuesday July 10th
Bryan Lloyd took a small group on an approximately 4½ miles walk to explain the Anglo-Saxon boundary of Plaesc (now Newport).

Saturday July 21st
several members went for a day out to the Snailbeach lead mine at Minsterly. This was a thoroughly interesting visit led by Mike Moore. It ended with a lovely meal at the Stiperstones Inn.

Julian & the Field Archaeology Group
They have continued their busy searches with the latest being a return visit to a field at Cherrington to possibly add to their Roman and Viking finds.

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